Own a business with a partner | NewProxyLists

Not an online business but I did
The mistake of entering into a business partnership with a friend! Having also
watched several others get into business
with friends then watched the devastation
A few years later, I would not really recommend it!
In hindsight, I'm not even sure I want to
to employ friends in any future endeavor

We started to share the same dream
and ended up sharing a nightmare! 4 years
and about £ 30,000 down the drain later I
can honestly say do it yourself or do not do it
he! It's incredible when it comes to money
how people you've known for years can
become greedy or stab you in the
back to trying to take the business for

If you go there, check the legal implications
in your country and make sure that you have a
binding contract between the two parties! Do not
think because you're friends you do not need
he!! We were best friends for 10 years
I did not think we needed it, we were wrong! His
worth having a lawyer to draft a contract
it covers all eventualities !! That would have saved me thousands.

I remember a business advisor saying
me this after everything went wrong and I was begging for help! This sentence which has
stuck in my head since …
"The only ship you never sail is a partnership"