Pacifier 5.1 – Massive increase in the use of data without behavioral change

The main function of data connectivity on my phone is the verification of emails. I do not surf the web when I'm bored (I sometimes look for something that I absolutely must know and I can not wait before arriving at home or at the office) and I do not look no videos. I have also configured the following:

  • Data Saver: on.
  • Wi-Fi always connected at home, at work and at other places where I find myself regularly.
  • Images are disabled in the browser of my choice.
  • Background data is disabled for almost everything except my email application.
  • "Wi-Fi only" mode in Maps.
  • Apps and updates are only downloaded on the wi-fi.
  • Backup backups.
  • And maybe more, but the fact is that I've disabled everything I can find.

In the last two years, I used Ting in the US and Lollipop (5.1) and regularly used less than 100 MB of data per month. One month, I used 112 MB – a month! – and I was shocked.

A few months ago, I opened an account with Freedom Mobile (formerly Wind Mobile) in Canada. (I live in Canada, but I am constantly roaming on an American network for philosophical reasons and because it was actually cheaper.) By moving to the ironic name of Freedom Mobile (j & # 39; have problems unrelated to their service), I also have a new phone running Oreo (8.0.0).

In compiling the data from this email, I realized that my problems had not started with Freedom Mobile because I had two different phones with them for almost three months that I am with them. During the first two months, I bought a Motorola E5 Play, bought unlocked at Best Buy. I then gave this phone to my wife and bought a Motorola G6 Play from Freedom. It now uses E5 and, as far as data is concerned, only occasionally uses the Web and no e-mail. She is not a factor in my story of misfortune.

But since I switched to G6, my data usage has been multiplied by more than ten times. It may not be a lot of data for some experienced users, but for me they are huge and I want to go back below the 250 MB per month included in my plan. Here is what I used this year:

  • January: 56 MB (Ting)
  • February: 42 MB (Freedom, E5)
  • March: 35 MB (Freedom, E5)
  • April: 659 MB (Freedom, G6)
  • May (up to now): 433 MB (Freedom, G6)

(The month is the date of my bill for the previous month.)

When I leave a place with a wi-fi connection and I consult the use of my data, I can use 20 MB in five minutes – five literal minutes – and I will have absolutely nothing downloaded!

I've checked the use of data from all my apps and the is my email application that processes mobile data. It's the same app (K-9) that I've been using for more than two years on the three phones I've noted above, and it's browsing the data from my latest phone even it's not really downloading anything. I know that a check without new address still uses a few bytes, but not tens of megabytes! Even if I check every few minutes, 288 checks per day (every five minutes) will not use hundreds of megabytes.

Given all that I've noted above, does anyone have an idea of ​​why a Motorola G6 Play phone would use huge amounts of data / tape bandwidth? It does not seem reasonable to assume that this is the messaging application, since it is the same version of the same application that I had used on previous phones where this behavior was not obvious, but I also can not believe that the material would make a difference. . However, at first sight this is the only thing that has changed.