page template – Insert Article: meta tags in html head-element, use get tags, no wp_head

I'm trying to add code to one of my template files by working with a raw theme that I've generated from "". The file is a copy of single.php and is called single-post.php. Like the WP states in the Codex. I'm trying to add tags from my article to those of my pages for blog posts. I want to wrap them in the code for meta tags, ie the article: tags. Whatever I do I keep getting the correct output, but no real information, no tag name.

I do not use the wp_head in the template file. For personalized reasons. In addition, I tried without and with the loop present before my calls to get_tags. Moreover, this is done with code that can not be used headI know, but whatever, it does not matter what I put there. Will have it meta tags later.

Basic WP code (assumed for single publications):

<? php

$ tags = get_tags ();
$ html = & # 39;

The title tag is still empty, title = & # 39; Tag & # 39;.