Paid for an additional backup service … discovered that no backup had been done :(


We operate a server with a WHM sub-account (which looks like a lighter version of WHM for resellers). We paid extra to our hosting provider to make regular backups. They claim that they perform nightly backups and always have a backup at hand if necessary.
We found today that all our server (all websites) had been compromised last night and we are still trying to determine the flaw. At the same time, we asked our hosting provider to restore the most recent backup from last night.
They have now admitted that they did not have any backup copies of our account.

Fortunately, we have backed up some of our websites individually. So we can transfer them to another server, but I feel cheated as we have been paying extra backups for years.

Is it worth fighting for a refund or compensation for the costs we have (and still have) because of this failure or should I simply move on?

Thank you for your participation.

– Jan