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Hello everyone!
I am looking for 1-5 posters to post / share links on a social site.

Description of the job:
Post / share an average of 1 to 5 posts a day (it does not have to be every day) on, posting everything related to bytecoin.
You do not have to be your own written messages, they can be linked / shared links – videos, blog posts, news, any informative message to the bytecoin community.

It's simple and fast. Sharing a link does not take any time at all.

Will pay for this work (PayPal) $ 5 per 100 link sharing / video / informative blog.
PM me or post here if interested in doing this job.
Join the site and let me know your user name.

You can also be paid with bytecoins at any time if you want to earn crypto.