Parent-child relationship between Post and Page

I have a recipe site called Green Comfort Food. I am new to building websites, so I discover it with little basic knowledge.

I have a homepage, a recipe page, pages to divide these recipes like a lunch page, a restaurant page, etc. and finally, I have the message with the actual recipe. I use elemontor to display the grid of blogs on these pages of lunch, dinner, etc. So, the structure should be home> Recipes> lunch> post.

It's easy to create a parent-child relationship between different pages but, since I've done the recipes as a publication, there's no longer a parent-child relationship. So now, his home> recipes> lunch then his home> post.

I'd like to solve this problem using custom publishing types, but for whatever reason, it does not allow me to use elemontor. I've tried to make the pages to articles and create the hierarchy by categories but the Ariane thread will link me to the articles archive page that I can not change.

Can someone help me with that? The key is to structure my structure and preferably use breadcrumbs.