partition – `diskutil list` displays the type Windows_NTFS, but` Disk` indicates the type ExFAT. So, what is the type?

I just bought a new external ssd drive (connected to Macbookpro's USB3 port). then run

$ diskutil list / dev / disk1
/ dev / disk1 (external, physical):
0: FDisk_partition_scheme * 480.1 GB disk1
1: Windows_NTFS TOSHIBA SSD 480.1 GB disk1s1

This shows Windows_NTFS. And then I launched Utility. It shows me USB external physical volume • ExFAT. I will not paste the screenshot, but that's what it displays. It's very weird.

How to say the true type of file system? Thank you.

Btw, I know I can reformat it with Disk, but I just want to know the current type in this question. Thank you so much.