partitioning – How to restore a Windows partition to a new storage and make it bootable from Linux?

For a few years, I created a backup of a partition of my old hard drive. I've also created a backup of MBR from the hard drive.
The list of hard drive partitions was as follows:

Device Startup Start Sectors Size Id Type
/ dev / sdb1 63 80324 80262 39.2M 6 FAT16
/ dev / sdb2 81920 25767935 25686016 12.3G 7 HPFS / NTFS / exFAT
/ dev / sdb3 * 25767936 756236685 730468750 348.3G 7 HPFS / NTFS / exFAT

The backup partition was sdb3. It contains a Windows 10 operating system.
Now, I want to restore this partition to a new SSD storage and configure a dual boot from existing Ubuntu 18.04. How should I perform?