partitioning – Truecrypt Veracrypt: Recover Partition Layout from Backup Volume Headers

Is there a way to read the partition layout from backup volume headers ?
I have:

  • a complete formatted disk (which had 3 encrypted partitions on it)
  • 3 backup volume headers
  • the corresponding passwords of all partitions..

additional difficulty:
The disk was used in an external drive which emulated 4096 bytes sectors, the disk has 512 bytes sector size.
Testdisk cannot find a usefull partition layout so I try to recreate the partitionlayout out of the headers.. I know that the first partition had 2TB size, second 100GB, third the rest of the disk.. I’m interested in the last partition
(If there is already a thread about please link it, I could not find one on which the people had the backup volume headers)