Password protected zip file with pkcrack

j & # 39; I only contains the file allfiles.exe and is password protected. I heard about it pkcrackit is possible to get the file from an encrypted zip file if we have some encrypted zip code (correct me if I'm wrong)

So with this statement, I add a plain text file (mots.txt) at, created another zip file which contains only a text file mots.txt and run pcrack. (You can see below step by step)

  1. Initially, we protected by password
-> allfiles.exe
  1. Add a dummy text file to Now the folder contains 2 files
-> allfiles.exe
-> words.txt
  1. Create a zip file only contains mots.txt
-> words.txt
  1. Run pkcrack on these files
./pkcrack -C -c words.txt -P -p words.txt -d allfiles.exe1 -a
Warning! The plain text is longer than the ciphertext!
Files read. Leaving from stage 1 on Thu, 28 Feb 11:39:48 2019
Generation of 1st generation of key2_255982 values ​​possible ... done.
4194304 possible key-words found.


Lowest number: 93 values ​​at offset 246121
Completed. Rest with 93 possible values. bestOffset is 246121.
Step 1 completed. Leaving from step 2 on Thu, 28 Feb 11:40:10 2019
Step 2 completed. From zipdecrypt on Thu, 28 Feb 11:40:15 2019
No solution found. You must have chosen the wrong text in clear.
Finished the game. 28 11:40:15 2019

Is this a good way to crack? What is the best way to crack? (Other than fcrackzip)