pathfinder 1e – Can Dispel Magic remove Blindness?

Yes, at least for blindness caused by Blindness/Deafness

Blindness/Deafness has the following duration:

Duration permanent (D)

Checking the duration against the rules:


The energy remains as long as the effect does. This means the spell is vulnerable to dispel magic.

(emphasis added)

It’s also worth noting that Blindness / Deafness is self-dismissible:

(D) Dismissible

If the duration line ends with “(D),” you can dismiss the spell at will.

Finally, Dispel Magic has two caveats:

Some spells, as detailed in their descriptions, can’t be defeated by dispel magic.


The effect of a spell with an instantaneous duration can’t be dispelled, because the magical effect is already over before the dispel magic can take effect.

Blindness/Deafness is neither Instantaneous in duration, nor does it explicitly state that it can’t be dispelled. Therefore it’s fair game.

Note that some causes of blindness can’t be cured by Dispel Magic. Blinding Critical was the first such ability I came across in a quick search of the SRD. Blindness like this (not caused by a spell) as well as most natural blindness must be cured via Remove Blindness/Deafness.