pathfinder 1e – Can you use a quickened metamagic rod to counterspell?

A few assumptions:

  1. A character can counterspell most spells with Dispel Magic unless otherwise stated

Counterspell: When dispel magic is used in this way, the spell targets a spellcaster and is cast as a counterspell. Unlike a true counterspell, however, dispel magic may not work; you must make a dispel check to counter the other spellcaster’s spell.

  1. A character can cast Dispel Magic with a 35,000gp Lesser Metamagic Rod (Quicken)

  2. The counterspell action requires a free action spellcraft check, which doesn’t interfere with a swift action from Quicken Spell

So let’s say we have a level 7 Bard who just got their first level 3 spell, Dispel Magic. His party saved up 35,000gp and buys the aforementioned rod from a large town that allows for such high-cost item purchases.

As I understand it, so long as he has 3rd level spell slots, the bard could mitigate spells from casters once per round, basically passively, without having to sacrifice some of their normal actions, even though the counterspell action says “you must select an opponent by readying an action”, the metamagic feats page says the following:

Whether or not a spell has been enhanced by a metamagic feat does not affect its vulnerability to counterspelling or its ability to counterspell another spell (see Magic).

What’s the ruling here? I feel like I have some conflicting information here.