pathfinder 1e – Cunning Caster Feat with Alternate Focus

Cunning launcher

This exploit allows you to hide the casting of spells, but takes penalties for each visual aspect of the spell that you must hide.

The general advantage is below:

When you cast a spell, you can try a bluff test.
(countered by the perception checks of observers)
to hide your actions from the audience.

Every thing you do that is part of the spell casting causes a penalty here. For example, if you use hardware components, you get a -4, but we know that this has been removed by the Eschew Materials exploit.

On the subject of concentration and divine concentration, the exact wording is:

If the spell requires divine concentration or concentration, you inflict a -4 penalty on the Bluff test.

All penalties in Cunning Caster are related to the process below. The components, including the material and the fireplaces, should normally be handled as part of the casting of the spell.

To cast a spell, you must be able to speak (if the spell has a verbal component), gesture (if it has a somatic component) and manipulate the hardware components or focus (if any). In addition, you must concentrate to cast a spell.

My question: do you still take the Cunning Caster focus penalty when your focus is permanent? IE: Part of garment, sacred symbol tattoo or other thing treated as a focus that does not require touching it to use as a center.