pathfinder 1e – Reliable Control Options for High-Level Occultist (No saves, no SR; scrolls and wands acceptable)

I’m currently playing a high-level (15th, about to hit 16) silksworn occultist, and am effectively the party’s pseudo-full-caster. For the past few levels, I’ve been running into the twin issues that most of my combat options are affected by Will saves and SR; not just direct options like binding pattern, suggestion, or dominate person, but also more indirect options such as shadow beast (and just about anything said shadow beasts do). I have several options to buff the party that aren’t susceptible to enemy saves or SR, but if I only use them in every combat I’ll burn through them too quickly (and most are options I’d prefer to use beforehand, though that’s possible maybe half the time at most).

I’m looking for good, reliable control options for an occultist that would fit one or ideally more of the following:

  • Bypasses SR
  • No saving throw
  • Reliable and useful at high levels (expect a lot of immunities and special senses; illusions are prettily handily foiled by the latter).

While I’ve been mostly looking in the occultist spell list, occultists also get significant UMD bonuses, so anything available as a wand or cheaper scroll, or even a staff or other magic item, would be acceptable. The party’s pretty wealthy at this point, so even a single fourth-level wand, if it’s reliable, would be within our means.