pathfinder 2e – Which damage types are the most and least resisted?

This is available, in somewhat incomplete form, for Bestiary 1

While I’m not aware of a source that has done this analysis for all currently printed creatures, an enterprising individual on Reddit manually combed through Bestiary 1 to work this out for that book. Their analysis comes with some qualifiers, namely:

  • Positive and Negative damage was not considered, due to the large numbers of creatures immune to each.
  • Alignment based damage was not considered, due to being subject to GM discretion.
  • Weapon damage types were not considered, as many weapon resistances have built in means to bypass them.

Recreating the table of the post’s data below, we see that:

  • Fire is most commonly resisted, while Force and Sonic are least commonly resisted
  • Poison is by far the most common immunity, while Sonic and Force are the least common immunities
  • Fire and Cold are the only significant weaknesses, and are similarly common
Acid Cold Electricity Fire Force Mental Poison Sonic
Resistant 17 23 24 37 2 16 15 12
Immune 16 16 11 41 0 29 82 0
Weak 0 22 0 26 0 0 0 1