pathfinder – Does Levitate cancel inertia?

According to the description of the spell:

Levitate allows you to move, move another creature or object.
go up and down as you wish. A creature must be ready to levitate,
and an object must be left unattended or possessed by a consenting creature.
You can mentally ask the recipient to go up or down to 20
feet each turn; this is a movement action. You can not move the
the recipient horizontally, but the recipient can escalate the face
from a cliff, for example, or push against a ceiling to move sideways
(usually at half its basic ground speed).


I understand that although the description indicates that you can not horizontally move something / someone / yourself through this spell, nothing prevents the object from moving horizontally with his own device.

So, let's imagine the following case:

A drow runs at its maximum speed and jumps over a cliff, thereby activating its levitation spell ability.

  1. Will the character's inertia make her move horizontally, while she will maintain her constant altitude (or go up or down) using Lévité carefully?
  2. If there is no obstacle, will she even stop?
  3. How does this compare to Fly? (Https://