pathfinder – How can I add the [mind-affecting] descriptor to a spell / power that does not already have it?

I've got a character in a 3.PF game (using the basic Pathfinder ruleset, but I'm allowing classes, exploits and other elements of D & D 3.5 and Pathfinder) with a target d & # 39; Very high optimization (pushing the limits of elements that should appear only in TO, but excluding extremes such as Pun-Pun and Omnificer). I'm trying to complete a chain of effects interactions that will give me a substantial increase in intelligence (but still limited, so no Pun-Punning), and the only remaining link in the chain is that I do not affect my mind. the psionic power of the discipline of psychometabolism, and the trick only works if the power affects the mind; so I need a way to apply the [mind-affecting] descriptor to a power that does not already have it, in the same way that the Locate City bomb uses Snowcasting to add the [cold] descriptor.

We use a very inclusive version of vancian / psionic transparency. Most things that would add the descriptor to a spell should also work here, although Metamagic Feats does not work as well if they do not have a psionic version. I use the psionics system of Dreamscarred Press, with psion levels of DSP as the source of my manifestation ability, but the effects of 3.5 WotC psionics should also work through the terms of the 3.PF mashup. The game is supergestalt (like classic Gestalt, but with 10 "tracks" instead of 2), so a lot of resources are available, possibly allowing things that would not work in a normal game, but I would still prefer cheaper methods more expensive because the character is meant to be played, and in a very demanding meta, so we must focus especially on being a functional character, who puts the high INT bonus to the proper use, not just the whole character. build resources to complete the combo for his own interest.