pathfinder – SoP: Can Sage take the "natural enhancement"?

The Sage class in the book Champions of the Spheres has several class features that allow them to change their class function or gain power through magical talents, as if they were casters.

One of them is the esoteric strengthening formation, which states the following:
"Wise Sisters with this ability can exploit (enhance) Sphere Enhancement abilities without having the Basic Sphere Enhancement and use them as a quick action, although they can only be used on creatures or items. within the reach of the sage and their effects last several of the turns equal to the Wise Wisdom modifier, or for 1 minute if the sage spends a ki point when activating the ability. Wise possesses, he gains a talent (improved) as a bonus talent. "

This is correct, but has a major and crying disadvantage: RAW does not give you the ability to capture the power of the base sphere, nor to capture the talent of natural enhancement, an asset that allows you to apply improvements in weapon to natural attacks. and unarmed strikes, because it is not a talent (enhanced).

This is a problem because class abilities focus on the temporary emulation of monk features, such as their unarmed strikes. And if you can not improve your unarmed keystrokes, the usability of this feature drops dramatically.

Have the developers ever said anything about it?