pathfinder – Which source (s) develop the spell lists of the elementalist expert?

The Advanced Player Guide introduced Wizard Elemental Schools, as well as spell lists associated with these schools. For example, for the air school, the following level 1 spells are awarded:

Alter Winds, feather drop, shocking catch

However, if you look at the list of air school spells in Archives of Nethys, this one includes several additional spells (that's me pointing out):

1st – air bubble, change the winds, the fall of the feathers, gentle breeze, shocking catch, windy breakaway

The same thing happens with many other levels of spells and other elementary schools.

I understand that these spells have been added after the release of the Advanced Player's Guide, which explains the difference. However, looking at the sources of these individual spells, I found no mention of adding them to the list of schools (they are simply listed in the generic wizard / sorcerer list).

In addition, the list in the Nethys Archive (the official reference) also includes more spells than the d20pfsrd reference.

Note that I do not want to find the sources of the spells themselves (which is trivial). What I want is to find the source (s) where the spells are actually added to the elementary school lists.