payment – How would I avoid spending my Bitcoins when I need to buy a house quickly?

The most improbable thing just happened: the house where I grew up, and was forced away from at a critical age, and which I’ve longed for ever since, just went up for sale. While they have completely ruined it internally and even to a large extent on the outside, I just so happen to really need a place to live, critically, for myself and two other family members.

With the Bitcoin price being this low, there’s no way that I could sell them for fiat to buy the house. Also, in my situation, it would take a very long time to do this (using Bisq). The house will soon be sold. We have no fiat means to speak of.

BlockFi and Hodl Hodl and Sovyryn are all nonsense. Neither works at all, at least not for me. So lending my coins to get interest in order to use that money to pay for the loan for the house also seems impossible. Plus my bank already doesn’t like me because they know I have Bitcoin. I even tried asking them if I could take a loan from them with my Bitcoin as security. They laughed and treated me in a very condescending manner.

My dream house, albeit in a virtually destroyed (completely changed) state, is slipping away from me again. Considering how much I have been thinking about it lately, it seemed almost like a sign from God that I’m meant to buy it now and then slowly restore it back to how it was back in the day, while living in it.

But in spite of having enough Bitcoin to theoretically buy most of it up-front, I have never felt poorer than I do right now. I can’t “extract” the value from my coins because everything is still way too “early”. I’m also scared to death to give up any control of my private keys, or to lose the BTC in one of the numerous ways you can lose them, be it by accident or through a scam of some sort.

What should I do in this very frustrating situation? I’m going to ask the broker if they accept Bitcoin, even though I cannot waste my coins, but I highly doubt that they will even reply. In spite of all the “bullish news”, most people in the real world still seem to be utterly oblivious to Bitcoin, frankly.