performance – Apple trackpad:getures not working fine when cursor speed is high

I’m new to magic trackpad 2, and I’ve been using a mouse with cursor speed set to maximum for about 15 years so far, so first thing I did when connecting the trackpad was realizing it needed a lot of movement of my finger to reach screen corners, so I entered the settings and set speed to max speed. Now I can move the cursor with small movement of my finger the same way I could move it with my mouse.

Then I started testing the famous “gestures” and most of them were not working. I thought it was a faulty trackpad bu then I lowered the speed and they started working. For instance, pinch to zoom in/out was almost impossible to make, and also showing the launchpad happened once every ten tries. Instead, the cursor moved somewhere.

Has anyone else experienced this and found some way to solve it? I have had to move the speed almost to original setting which, for my standards, it’s incredibly slow.