performance tuning – fast export png images from a large avi file

In version 11.1.1, I used MathMF as Simon Woods to extract png images from large avi files (up to 100 GB in size). His package was A LOT faster than using something like this:

nImages = Length @ Import["D:\movie.avi", "Frames"];

  image = Import["D:\movie.avi", {"Frames", i}];

strCounter = ToString @ PaddedForm[i, 4, NumberPadding -> {"0", ""}];

Export[StringJoin[outputPath, "image_", strCounter, ".png"], picture,
"Png"], {i, 1, nImages}

Here already, only reading the number of shots of a large 6 GB AVI file (containing 640 * 480 pixels) takes a long time (45 seconds).

Reading from one single image at a certain position i = 1 also takes about 45 seconds.

Why is it so slow? (I have 32 GB of RAM, processor: i7-4940MX 3.1 GHz)

Look at this:

image = Import["D:\movie.avi", {"Frames", 1}]; // AbsoluteTiming
{44.1149, null}

In versions 11.3 MathMF no longer works (see this question and Simon's comment).

Simon mentioned the following:

Looking at the MediaTools package, it seems like it could do it all
that MathMF can do anyway. If you need it["MediaTools["MediaTools[“MediaTools[“MediaTools"]so what
? MediaTools
Private` $ MF * there seems to be some functions for
reading and writing image by image.

If I run ? MediaToolsPrivate$ MF * I receive a list of functions.
enter the description of the image here

How can I replace these functions with my higher code to increase the performance?