performance – WP Cron regularly causes "integrity of the degraded environment on AWS": this sometimes happens with HTTP 200 as well as with HTTP 500

This problem occurs regularly, and AWS sends dozens of notifications. Example:

Timestamp: Tue 26 Feb 17h26: 00 UTC Message 2019: Health of the environment
went from Ok to Degraded. No data received from 1 out of 2

Usually, there are not even any errors in the log files, but I recognize the following in the log files:

[26/Feb/2019:17:26:03 +0000] "TO POST
HTTP / 1.1 "200 –
"WordPress / 5.1;"

Basically, it makes sense that some cron tasks put a bigger load on the server. I do not want to disable cronjobs because they are used by important plugins that will not work as desired after this action.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem (with AWS or perhaps with another server as well)? How did you solve it?