personas – What should we focus on when writing? Interaction of the application or objectives of the user?

If I understood correctly, the goal of the storyboard is to try to put yourself in the shoes of your user (by creating and developing a character) and to adapt the design to his or her own. goals.

So your two questions have merit.

For me, these questions seem to be ordered (although this is the opposite of how you presented them). First of all, a user will aim to connect. Then a user can have several different goals to achieve, one of which may be to monitor a situation.

First: When I log in to the system, I want to be able to see all the tools available so I can quickly find where I have to go in the application.

Next: (the user has a lot of different options at this point)

  • When I want to monitor a situation, I want to be able to see the outstanding incidents that I reported to be able to check the status of each, or update them with additional information.

  • When I want to follow up on an incident, I want to be able to find the incident and easily access the contact information of the person assigned to the incident.

It may be helpful to try to explore other configurations for your stories, if "when … I want … to be able to …"It does not help. For example, you can try to set a goal and then design the most useful answer from the system (from there ").I want … so it would be useful for the system …".