pg dump – Custom PostgreSQL pg_dump file entry does not save data

When I use the custom format (-Fc) in pg_dump, the file is smaller (42 KB) and when I restore it, it restores only the tables and columns, not the data.

But when I try to use plain text (-Fp), the file is larger (73 KB) and when I try to restore it, all the data is included (table, column, lines, etc.).

Also, when I try to use a database manager (dBeaver to be exact) and try to save, I can see the command, and it's the same command that I use in pg_dump. But the dump file is larger (73 KB) and when I tried to restore using this dump, all the data is included.

Any ideas on what seems to be the problem? From now on, I use plain text as the format, but I want to use the custom format.

I am using PostgreSQL 11.2.

This is the complete command I used in pg_dump. And that's exactly the same command that dBeaver uses to dump the database.

pg_dump.exe --format = c -n public --verbose --host = localhost --port = 5432 --username = postgres postgres_db