photo editing – Washed out colors in Irfanview

Someone sent very large JPEG images, about 15 megabytes each. They look good in the Windows Photo Viewer (Windows 7), but they look extremely drab and faded in Irfanview. It's as if half of the colors were gone, as if the saturation had been reduced.

Worse, when I record them with Irfanview, the color loss stays in the new file, regardless of the display displayed.

I thought maybe the problem was that I was using 32-bit Irfanview, but the problem persists after upgrading to 64. I also tried to change the color management settings without any effect.

I want to re-encode them using the Irfanview batch function (they are barely encoded, which is why the files are so large). This is my main problem, but I would also like to know why they look so bad when they look at them too in Irfanview. I have never seen this before and I have been using Irfanview for years.

Update: I have tried to open the images in GIMP, and very quickly, the latest changes appear at the bottom of the screen: "Prophoto Conversion to Integrated sRGB". The images look good in GIMP.

Update: I solved this problem by installing the Irfanview plugin package, then try again the color management. The color management settings say "(plugin)", but apparently, if the plugin is not installed, it simply fails and does nothing. I've installed the plugins package containing all the plugins, reactivated the color management settings, and now everything is in color.

The actual option that I think I have corrected is the lower option, one that says to apply sRGB to images without a color profile.