photoshop – Creating a more natural look for watch photography using a Light Box!

Hello I am fairly new to photography in general and my current set up for taking pictures of my watches is a light box I bought off amazon. I crank the wattage all the way and after I take my photos the watch doesn’t look natural as the professionals. I know the issue is with the lighting as I just use the light box light but not sure how to go about this. My goal is to give my watches a more natural look throughout the entire watch to show all the scratches. I also have an issue with the reflectiveness of the crystal. I can literally see myself in the crystal of the watch trying to take the photo when I shoot straight on. So I tried taping a white sheet a paper around the lense which helps with diffusing the light onto the subject but creates a black dot as shown below. Any help would be great appreciated.
I tried using photoshop but it takes too long to edit and post the watch since I have dozens of watches to get through and post on ebay. THE BLUE PHOTOS IS MORE OF THE GOAL AND NOT MY PHOTOS, THE OTHER TWO PHOTOS ARE MINE.
Here is my camera settings: 1/50, F10, iso 100Here is a photo of the band which is too dark and doesnt show the imperfections at allhere is the goal as an example, looks more natural and you can see all the imperfections
enter image description here
Here is the reflectiveness issue