photoshop – To obtain a very good photo, an edition is necessary?

Whether you hold your photo or not, it depends on what you are going to do.

A definition of art that I like is the following:

The accurate expression of the imagination of the artist.

Therefore, you edit until the picture expresses what you, the photographer / artist, want to express. If the photo, such as it is captured directly from your camera, expresses what you want, no modification is necessary.

If you want something that the raw photo does not express (different framing factor, color change, glare correction, etc.), a change is necessary.

Your question is a bit like asking:

To paint well, should I use blue and red or can I manage with yellow?

And the answer, of course, depends on what you intend to paint.

Now for the contest, the judges are you and me, and all the others who visit this site. You can use the criteria of your choice when you vote for a photo of your choice for the contest of a given week, as well as any other person.