php – Problem Webhook does not update my bot

My problem or inconvenience is that apparently, I send a message to my number WhatsApp provided by Twilio I should update my bot hosted on a server with a public URL using a webhook. But it never works because the messages sent by my tlf They are never read and fewer answers.

This is my code:

$ response = new Twiml;
$ mess = $ _REQUEST['Body'];
$ pick = rand (1.5);

// $ BOT = new func_BOT ();
// $ BOT-> Process ($ suppose);

if (! in_array ($ mess, [1,2,3,4,5])) {
$ response-> message ("Hiya, I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 5 - try to guess!");
} elseif ($ mess == $ pick) {
$ response-> message ("Yes, you guessed it!");
} else {
$ response-> message ("Nope, it was actually $ pick - choose a new number to replay!");

There should be no error since this code is an example of the documentation.

My URL is the one produced by my test server. 000webhost

This same url place it in the configuration of Sandbox in the option:"A MESSAGE COMES".

Thank you and wait for your answer.