php – response admin-ajax GET bad request

I do not like to use wordpress, but I work on a commercial customer website that wants to use it but without the default. wp- prefix for files and folders. To find a solution and try to satisfy this request, I have developed a script that will rename the patch and delete all the prefixes of wordpress files. I am debugging the script and everything is working fine, the CMS installation will work properly and I can connect and use all the essential functions without any problem. I do not have to solve that one problem that I think is related to the basic files. In fact, the admin bar and the dashboard menu do not load correctly, the icons are not loaded and the menu does not seem to be stylish.
Using the console, I can see that there is a problem with an ajax GET request and I am not able to find a way to solve the problem. ajax request is made to this address:
GET http: // localhost: 1507 / wtest / admin / admin-ajax.php? Action = wp-compression-test & test = 1 & _ajax_nonce = 321784a9f8 & 1543592009302 400 (incorrect request)
I know is a basic wordpress file. I did not change it, but the answer is still the mistake 400 bad demand. Is there a way to fix that?