physical access – What to do when The Man is coming after you?

Not too long ago, in a basement not that far away, I had a few “system failures” because my remote control socket has been switched off a few times.

Also I got some “covert” visits from some government agents.
There are not many reasons to do this. When probing the physical location then physical attacks are imminent. You could gather some info on the home defense, where to plant bugs (maybe they already did, who knows ^^ ), yadda yadda .

I’m also wondering with what kind of parallel construction they come up with to get “lawful” access.

Anyways, because I’m a friendly person, I was thinking about some ways to make the (more or less) imminent arrival of The Man as nice (oh yeah ^^) as possible. In the end, everyone is just doing his job. Jobs have risks.

The Man itself probably won’t come but instead send some disposable clueless foot soldiers. Sad. But life is full of compromises.

In case you have some nifty ideas to make their presence even more exciting I’m also all ears.