physics – Simulating the piston of a forklift with PhysX 3.4 (Unity 2018.3)

I have to simulate a piston for a forklift, but I do not really know how to create a precise physical model.

The forklift (a car with some collisions of wheels) must react to the force exerted by the cargo on the forks, but the forks must also move along the lifting axle and laterally while striking the cargo and the environment, and the forklift must react to the changes. If the forks strike a wall, the forklift must react accordingly, and if the forks hit the ground or a ceiling, it must rise or repel.

At the moment, I only have one elevator that moves the cargo accordingly with a credible friction and that also reacts to the forklift's speed, but if I hit the forks against walls or other static colliders , the forks pass and the forklift does not react. everything (I'm just synchronizing the rigid body forks with the movement of the elevator using FixedUpdate).

I've tried using different approaches and physics libraries compatible with Unity (Newton Dynamics, Bullet), but none has succeeded.