PixelTown – Roleplay Server | Forum Promotion




The king welcomes you to join the amazing new town known as PixelTown! After the Sir Wellington and Sir Xy escaped from a tyrant ruler of their last city they set out to create a town ran by the people, for the people! Start off as one of 4 roles Guard, Scout, Combat Mage, Support Mage, or Ranger as well as chose a job that is available in the town! Gather resources, make unique items, as well as save the town from all threats foreign and domestic!
This server brings some of the best features from your favorite role playing games and combines them into one singular, easy to learn game play! Do daily activities, role play in the live chat, or go on expeditions in our expedition forums! What you do is entirely up to you!

Some threats, and monsters you may face are


Ghosts, Mimics, Phoenixes (legendary rare birds), and vampires of all varieties. There’s a ton of other mobs, but these are just a few you can find when playing!