Plan to have appropriate insurance policies

My wife and I had a long conversation last night! She is very serious about getting insurance for me, but I personally never thought it was important to be honest. She is worried about her friend at work. The husband of his colleague was injured on the back while he was working on a construction site. They have to deal with the loss of salary, the extra cost of drugs and the processing fees. It made me a little scared too, I mean, a loss of income is something that will derail financial stability and future projects. She pushes me as if nothing had happened, I finally agreed to learn more about the same subject. I was looking at the different plans that the different insurance companies offered for income protection and I finally had enough. I plan to consult an insurance brokerage service provider in Oshawa and compare the different options. I'm going to take my wife with me after all, that's her idea, but for safety, I think it's important that I understand what they're talking about. So, with the intention of impressing my wife significantly, I have researched the different insurance policies available. But before the meeting, I need to know more insurance plans that I can try and I also want to know more about the best companies in the market because, for me, the quality of the service is very important.
Thank you so much!