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At a time when financial requirements are becoming more demanding, investment options are also becoming very difficult. With such a scenario, the rise of cryptocurrencies can not be ignored. It has become a major option to the extent that investment is a concern, especially for young people.

Whether by trade or direct purchase, interest in Cryptos is skyrocketing! And that gives us huge opportunities to enjoy! Yet, many people are struggling to not be able to invest properly. What is the solution?

The solution is simple, easy and very rewarding, called "Playerbitcoin".


Playerbitcoin is a decentralized gaming system, it began on August 7, 2018 and is operated by "Business Group Games", which allows users from anywhere to earn Bitcoin simply by participating in a FREE plan. or VIP to the collective fund. where prizes are awarded to those who obtain the results of a given event.

Playerbitcoin is a UNIQUE creation that has never been seen before and gives people the opportunity to participate in the betting industry in millions of dollars! This involves a transparent lottery system open to everyone thanks to Blockchain technology. And thanks to a decentralized system in place, there is no chance of manipulation, which creates the necessary transparency and comfort for the participants.

Playerbitcoin is a system where you can win thanks to the Bitcoin motion prediction for the next day in a range of 5 USD! The ticket can only be purchased for $ 5 and the amount accumulated by matching the price of the BItcoin in the morning to $ 5. It's incredibly simple to embark on this epic adventure, where everything is simple, easy and profitable for everyone in a seamless way!


Here are the ways to get started in Playerbitcoin:

1. Sign up for free on

2. Choose a Bitcoin price the next day in the range of 5 USD

3. Buy a ticket for only $ 5


Here are the terms to note:

• The draw takes place at 21:00 GMT.

• Winners are automatically defined by

• The purchase of tickets for the draw tomorrow will end today at 21:00 for FREE users, for VIP users, the sale will end at 00:00 GMT.

• Tickets are between 0 and 4.99 and between 5 and 9.99 USD. Example: 8560 to 8564.99 and 8565 to 8569.99.

• Automatic tickets are generated in a range of 4000 USD, which is 2000 USD more and 2000 USD less than the current price of CoinMarketCap. Example: If the current price is $ 8,000, automatic tickets will be in the range of $ 6,000 to $ 10,000.

• Accumulation is automatically and equitably distributed in the number of winning tickets.

• If you are a winner, your prize will be immediately raised to your internal wallet and will be immediately cashed.


But it's not ALL, with Playerbitcoin, you have the opportunity to make Income SIX different ways! It begins with participating with prediction to win the accumulated daily, FREE construction of equipment, purchase of profit sharing rights (PSR), construction of VIP equipment, rewards for leaders and lifestyle rewards.

So come join this great opportunity that does not show up every day!

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