Please help for more documentation for B1 visas

Some things bother me.

I have a job here in Nigeria as a Solution Architect (I work as a Software Developer / Vendor / Programmer). I Build Solutions For banks, telecommunication companies and oil and gas companies here in Nigeria, the problem is that I am not married and so I am not married, I do not have any. child. Although I am the only son of my parents and I am the heir to most of the properties (businesses, real estate) of my parents. I never left the country too (as I was busy with work, so I never thought about traveling). I have worked for this company with which I am currently working for 3 years.

I am going to a conference in Texas (the trip would be sponsored by the company I work for and it's my first trip) because I have a job with an annual salary of 1.8 million dollars in my local currency and I have elderly relatives here And I will only attend an 8-day conference (sponsored by my company.I have the documents relating to leave approval and to the letter introductions, as well as pay slips stamped and signed by my representative). get the entry visa

Hoping I do not miss anything.