plugins – Combining JS files in a script

I'm trying to combine all JS files – local and third-party files. I've tried using the following plugins to do the same thing:

  • Autoptimize: It's just not a matter of combining JS files into one.
  • Fast Velocity Minify: It combines JS files into grouped JS files (I do not know on what basis) but this includes the original js files and these JS files combined. I did not understand why he behaved this way by default.
  • Merge + minify + refresh: This behaves the same way as the "Fast velocity minify" plugin above.
  • WP's fastest cache: This gives clear options for combining JS and CSS files, but nothing happens. Even after saving the settings. (Moreover, this requires a premium version for a complete job)


  • I'm trying to find a plugin that allows me to combine JS and CSS files, whether they are loaded locally or from third parties such as CDN, Facebook, Google, and so on. (Dependency-based)
  • The concatenation or combination of JS and CSS files must be based on wp pages. So every time I modify an existing JS / CSS file or add a new file, I have to visit this plugin -> Select the page where I made the changes and just click on the button "Bundlify" . This will create two JS and CSS files, specific to this page.
  • When I do the above action, it also caches the entire page by deleting the individual JS and CSS files and adding the newly consolidated JS and CSS files.
  • So, there will be literally only two HTTP requests – JS file and CSS file.

Additional requirements

  • Clean JS and CSS files according to the selected page
  • Push created JS and CSS files to any CDN cloud
  • Able to defer or asyncize the JS script
  • The plugin should also be able to dynamically combine the addition of JS and CSS files.

^ The above features that I expect seem to be fundamental and must be available in the millions of wordpress plugins, but I am unable to find any.

Please let me know if there is a plugin that has the features above. If not, at least direct me to create my own custom plugin.

Thank you.