plugins – LearnDash LMS: replace “Next Lesson” button with “Mark Complete” button

For our LearnDash LMS we want any user who goes to the next lesson by navigating with the buttons at the bottom of the page to have the lesson marked complete. Currently there are three buttons:


current: three buttons

Ideally, we’d like to only have two:


desired: replace "Next Lesson" button with "Mark Complete" button

Clicking “Previous Lesson” behaves as desired. But we don’t want a button for moving to the next lesson without marking the current lesson complete. Is there a way to either give the “Next Lesson” the same behavior as “Mark Complete” or simple replacing it?

One approach I’ve considered is using CSS to simply hide “Next Lesson”, but I’m concerned that that will break with future updates.


  1. Is there a way within the LearnDash settings to change the behavior of the “Next Lesson” button or hide it altogether?
  2. Is there a CSS fix to hide the “Next Lesson” button that would be reasonably future proof as LearnDash releases new versions?