plugins – Mapping custom publishing URLs, structured data and SEO via Ultimate CSV Importer

I want to change the link of my custom message type. I did not see any mapping field corresponding to the column. Is it available in the pro version or not?

I do not want to change the title of the article so that it matches my url needs.

In addition, I want to add the following to my custom publication types,

property = "og: url"

property = "og: type"

property = "og: title"

property = "og: description"

property = "og: image"

meta title

Meta Description

Structured data

What is the best SEO plugin to add this to my personalized message?

And how will I be able to map them to Excel with the Ultimate CSV importer because I can not find them?

Plugins used: Elementor Pro, ACF Pro, Ultiamte Pro CSV Import

In addition, is there another csv file importer that can easily manage them? (Do not forget that I want a custom field mapping, a general wp field mapping, an ACF Repeater mapping and all 8 pointers above)

And is it possible to integrate it into a closed Google sheet, whose access is given to the plugin.

Thank you in advance.