plugins – Multiple Custom rewrite URL for custom post type

I tried to use add_rewrite_rule to “catch” multiple prefix to my product route.

I want that all tree of the following display the same page:

  • /off-road/products/product-name
  • /forestry/products/product-name
  • /products/product-name

I don’t want it to redirect, but really show the same custom post type singular page.

Here’s my tries (who’s not working)

// OR group...
add_rewrite_rule('^(off-road|forestry)/products/((a-z0-9-)+)/?$','index.php?products=$matches(1)', 'top');

// Individuals
add_rewrite_rule('^off-road/products/((^/)+)/?$','index.php?products=$matches(1)', 'top');

// Singular test just to prove it should work... end up to redirect to /products/product-name instead of just showing the page.
add_rewrite_rule('^my-products$','index.php?products=surfaceuse-serie-rts', 'top');

P.S. All theses tries, where applied this way:

add_action('init', function() {

Could someone point me to the right direction ?