plugins – Portal for automatic owners with publications and feeds

I'm new to WordPress and started with Bluehost.

Basically – I'm trying to do the next things for my site and I'm looking for recommendations from experienced developers:

  1. Connection plugin, free or not used. It should include login via Facebook, Gmail, username / password and phone number.
  2. For each user, I want to add 0-10 subprofiles (like cars owned by the user).
  3. For each car user, you can create an article with different fields.
  4. The user can search for particular car models and the type of message and search results displayed in a feed similar to Instagram. Where you can click on the post and open the full post.
  5. Support “likes” for each item.
  6. Support for the ability to display all cars as links (to the car page that user can customize)

Has anyone faced this kind of problems?
Thank you.