plugins – Problem to show payment methods in Woocommerce?

Good morning to all friends.

I am creating an online store in WordPress using Woocommerce but I have a big problem when I was configuring my payment methods as bank transfer, all great and then I added another payment method called PayU, I configured it, I activated it but when I go to make a purchase I only get the bank transfer method.

I realized that this was the case with all methods, whether by check or cash on delivery, any payment method other than bank transfer does not show them and I DON’T KNOW WHY …

I have created the checkout page again with shorcodes but it still shows me the same thing and I deactivate the bank transfer method and I get that there are no methods available and the others are activated.

I do not know if it is a Woocommerce problem or something like that but I tried it locally with Xamp and it works all the methods it shows me but in this page that I am creating hosted in a domain it does not show them to me.