PopCash.net Official Thread (Underlying Advertising Network)

Hello everyone,

We are a new pop-under network – PopCash.Net

Our network has an auction system with its own advertisers and premium networks. Our own advertisers can make deposits directly with PopCash.Net.

We do not have fixed rates because of our auctions (and many other factors), all eCPMs are fully dynamic.

For publishers:
– dedicated account manager.
– We accept global traffic.
– All websites are accepted (adults are also accepted).
– Minimum payment $ 10, payments are made between 1 and 30 days after the request.
– Real time statistics.

For advertisers:

– dedicated account manager.
– Minimum deposit of $ 5.
– Real time statistics.

Sign up now on PopCash.Net

P.S. Do you have questions? I am happy to answer all your questions.