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Well, the & # 39; feedback & # 39; (if you can call it so) that was posted in this thread was rather generic. I appreciate that thought (that's why I was saying "thank you all for the comments!" Earlier), but as administrators and moderators of a forum promotion site, I'm sure you copy and paste exactly the same things on other threads created in this subsite. -board. It's all generic.

It is difficult to find the motivation to give detailed answers to the comments posted in this thread while all you receive is a compliment (a "compliment" posted on the hundreds of threads of this sub-chart, I'm sure I'm sure) for a month. Free Proboards domain you have chosen and not something specifically related to the forum. Nothing really suggests to me that the comments that were posted here were specifically for my forum and not for hundreds of other forums with a "big activity" or a "cool domain".