portrait – What focal length to use to photograph the whole body of a chubby person?

Recently, I took pictures of someone who was slightly chubby. Close-ups with a 50mm lens went very well, but trying to save time for the whole body was not really satisfying. In general, they proved very unflattering because I could not get the angle needed to hide aspects like a slight double chin. It probably would have been necessary for my subject to be even higher half a meter higher to be able to take a satisfactory picture, and I also do not want my subject to always have to sit down to be able to adjust correctly the angle.
Getting pictures with a 24mm wide angle lens was much easier, but at the same time, the proportions seemed slightly distorted. So it seems to me that the use of a 24mm for full body photography is something better reserved for specific photos and not for general photos. photography.

So I want to know which focal length is the most sensible. Is it better to go wider, despite the distortions of the perspective, or choose a narrower focal length and back, although I do not know how to correctly get the angle slightly tilted above the level of the eyes in this case.