Possible Google Script for callback list based of daily log entry?

This is my first post here, so bear with me.

Here is a copy of the sheet I’m working on.

I work as a receptionist and am required to keep a log of every call/walk in.

Most of the entries require me leaving messages for another employee (which has led to a blob of sticky notes all over the office)

I had previously made a query function–now removed–on the “Callback List” sheet that would separate messages to each employee, which was somewhat working until they needed to clear the row after calling clients back (obviously whenever they would delete a row, the query would put it right back).

I found a google script that would copy the line from the ‘Daily Log’ sheet to the ‘Callback List’ sheet based on data validation, and delete the row from the ‘Callback List’ after a checking a box/marking “Complete”, but couldn’t figure out how to get the messages to copy to the first empty row under the specific employee’s header line. I also couldn’t figure out how to clear the row after checking the box/marking as “Complete” instead of just deleting the whole row.

This is that script:

function onEdit(event) {
  var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
  var s = event.source.getActiveSheet();
  var r = event.source.getActiveRange();

  if(s.getName() == "Daily Log" && r.getColumn() == 6 && r.getValue() == 'Kristin') {
    var row = r.getRow();
    var numColumns = s.getLastColumn();
    var targetSheet = ss.getSheetByName("CALLBACK LIST");
    var target = targetSheet.getRange(targetSheet.getLastRow() + 1, 1);
    s.getRange(row, 1, 1, numColumns).copyTo(target);
  } else if(s.getName() == "CALLBACK LIST" && r.getColumn() == 7 && r.getValue() == true) {
    var row = r.getRow();

Any help or suggestions for the sheet would be awesome!