post-processing – facilitates long-lasting application

I take about 36 hours, but my equipment limits me to a short interval. The longest time available is a photo every 60 seconds. The calculation seems to be 2160 photos – which seems discouraging since the format is RAW. I pray that my 64 GB SD card can handle the attacks.

What I usually do for timelapse photos is:

1. open Adobe Premiere Pro
2. navigate to import media
3. check image sequence box
4. boom, done

However, for the moment, I am afraid to use this method for this particular project; I am concerned about crashes or impious rendering times. It would be nice if I could reduce the images to a photo every 15 minutes, but I'm not sure how to do it manually.


Can I do anything to reduce system resources beforehand? Or, can a person experienced in the field of high image delays share his favorite solutions?