post-processing – What makes a photo unrealistic?

The most important factor is certainly the treatment of the dynamic range. The room is very bright and shares the same color temperature as the outdoor lighting. Yet the shadows on the balcony and near the glass door, which are closer to the light source, are the darker parts of the scene.

In addition, an indicator of "falsification" that your mind may not have understood, but that your eye has done, is the scene in the mirror. The few parts of the sky in the mirror are clearly blown white, but the sky visible directly through the window is of a beautiful blue sky. An interior, even partially luminous, would have a sky burst, if not more of the general scene clear and colorful outside the window. For example, the "tent" pavilion (which looks like a mini-version of the Denver airport) is completely destroyed.

Good architecture / real estate plans are difficult. This is one of the best choices that is not quite right (as opposed to those who are surreal, who are more typical).

Try to imagine how you can improve the situation by controlling outdoor lighting, either early in the morning or late at night. The level of exterior light would be greatly reduced and would create dynamic shadows on buildings. This would allow better control of the interior lighting (whether by a longer exposure to natural light, by the use of artificial lighting from the table lamp or by means of flashes).