postgresql – Postgres subscription cannot replicate a few tables – FATAL: connection to client lost

I’m having trouble with a few tables that will not replicate on Postgres 13. I’ve set up a subscription to listen to a publication.

I can see three workers hanging since select srsubstate from pg_subscription_rel returns d (copying), while the remaining workers are r (ready).

In my postgresql.log file I can see that these tables are not being copied:

FATAL:  connection to client lost
STATEMENT:  COPY public.table_name TO STDOUT
LOG:  could not send data to client: Broken pipe

I’m prototyping locally right now between two Postgres databases on different ports. Any idea why I might be experiencing this and how I can resolve it? Does it have anything to do with missing pg_wal files? These are not the largest tables I have, I’m really scratching my head. For the tables that do replicate successfully, they are right though. Dropping the subscriptions/publications and re-instantiating them reproduces the same issue.