Potentially looking for a new Dedi supplier

Every afternoon

Unfortunately, it looks like we are looking for a new provider after 100 TB has changed the account manager and it is very difficult for us to get new servers. We had an amazing bargain with them and I suspect that they no longer want to honor this award (just an intuition that does not accuse anybody)

I am after a provider who can make servers in the following locations

LA, Seattle, Dallas, NY, Atlanta, Chicago

And the server specifications we need are

Dual E5-2640v3
128 GB of RAM
Win 2012R2 / 2016
DDOS protection (must cover both UDP and TCP)
/ 29 subnet
15 TB bandwidth
Gigabit connectivity (no problem at the 99th percentile, it's painful)
decent support (when ipmi dies or we have to reload a bone, bare metal support)
IPMI access (so we can do most of the work ourselves)

Can any one recommend someone who can do these specifications in these places?